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Top Ten Places to Vacation With Dogs

Everyone loves vacation, right?! If you’re the type of person who just can’t stand the thought of being without your dog while you’re away on vacation, getting some R&R, why not bring him or her along?! There are a ton of fun, pet-friendly destinations around the country and just like you, dogs could use a little time away every once … Continue reading

Dog saves owner from death

Dog’s Sense of Smell Saved His Owners Life

We all know that dogs are amazing, but how amazing is often super surprising. Here’s a story from BBC about a dog who saved his owner’s life with his keen sense of smell.

husky dog in front of a tent camping

9 Helpful Tips for Camping With Your Dog

Can’t you just picture it? You, your family, and your beloved hound dog setting up camp in a fully tricked-out RV, or “roughing it” in pup tents… either way, camping and dogs go together like toasted marshmallows and campfires! Here are some things you’ll want to keep in mind before venturing forth with your dog on your next camping adventure. … Continue reading

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How I turned into a dog person

I didn’t grow up in a household that had dogs. We had a few cats and some gerbils, but that was about it. I honestly didn’t think I was missing out on anything by not having one. When I was a junior in college, my brother got a chocolate lab for his 18th birthday. Since I didn’t live at home, … Continue reading

Bailey shelter dog to service dog

Bailey – From Shelter Death Row to Service Dog

In my heart of hearts I am an eternal optimist. I believe that love conquers all and that there is a silver lining in every cloud. No matter how dark the day I believe there is hope for a better tomorrow. Sometimes though I let the negativity of the world cloud my view. It is in the stories of shelter … Continue reading

boxer dog with treat on nose

Ultimate Guide to Dog Treats and Chews

It’s nice to treat our four-legged pals once in a while with a little something special, but when it comes to dog treats and chews, what’s good for one dog isn’t always so good for another. Without any “one size fits all” option, how are you, as a pet parent, to know which treats and chews are the best choice … Continue reading

dog sniffing kitten

How to introduce a cat or kitten to your dog

Thinking about bringing a cat into a dog household? Consider these guidelines and tips to help your pets transition smoothly. Introducing a cat into a household where other pets are already familiar with kitty companions is certainly easier, but it’s not 100% necessary. In order to introduce a dog and cat to each other, in my experience, it’s easiest if … Continue reading

German shepherd puppy sitting head tilted

Puppy 101 – The 3 commands every puppy should know

If you have brought a new puppy into your home, you know that the time commitment is huge at first. Let me give you some pointers to make your efforts turn your puppy into a well behaved one. The top three commands that you should teach your pup are “Sit”, “Come”, and “Watch Me.”  By teaching these three commands, your … Continue reading

howling dog

Why do dogs howl?

Aroo!! Does your dog howl at sirens or passing trucks? Or other dogs in your neighborhood? Dogs have a language all their own. They bark, whimper, whine, howl and make other noises. All of these noises are communicating a message. So what is your four legged friend trying to tell you by howling? Back to dogs’ wolf roots Howling has … Continue reading

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5 Practical Tips for Hiking With Your Dog

When the sun comes out, we all want to get outside and enjoy it–including your dog. What better way to explore the great outdoors than to go on a hike? It gets you away from the city and into nature, and your dog will love a change of scenery and new smells. Here are some tips to make it enjoyable … Continue reading

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