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Bailey shelter dog to service dog

Bailey – From Shelter Death Row to Service Dog

In my heart of hearts I am an eternal optimist. I believe that love conquers all and that there is a silver lining in every cloud. No matter how dark the day I believe there is hope for a better tomorrow. Sometimes though I let the negativity of the world cloud my view. It is in the stories of shelter … Continue reading

boxer dog with treat on nose

Ultimate Guide to Dog Treats and Chews

It’s nice to treat our four-legged pals once in a while with a little something special, but when it comes to dog treats and chews, what’s good for one dog isn’t always so good for another. Without any “one size fits all” option, how are you, as a pet parent, to know which treats and chews are the best choice … Continue reading

dog sniffing kitten

How to introduce a cat or kitten to your dog

Thinking about bringing a cat into a dog household? Consider these guidelines and tips to help your pets transition smoothly. Introducing a cat into a household where other pets are already familiar with kitty companions is certainly easier, but it’s not 100% necessary. In order to introduce a dog and cat to each other, in my experience, it’s easiest if … Continue reading

German shepherd puppy sitting head tilted

Puppy 101 – The 3 commands every puppy should know

If you have brought a new puppy into your home, you know that the time commitment is huge at first. Let me give you some pointers to make your efforts turn your puppy into a well behaved one. The top three commands that you should teach your pup are “Sit”, “Come”, and “Watch Me.”  By teaching these three commands, your … Continue reading

howling dog

Why do dogs howl?

Aroo!! Does your dog howl at sirens or passing trucks? Or other dogs in your neighborhood? Dogs have a language all their own. They bark, whimper, whine, howl and make other noises. All of these noises are communicating a message. So what is your four legged friend trying to tell you by howling? Back to dogs’ wolf roots Howling has … Continue reading

dog hiking mountains lake

5 Practical Tips for Hiking With Your Dog

When the sun comes out, we all want to get outside and enjoy it–including your dog. What better way to explore the great outdoors than to go on a hike? It gets you away from the city and into nature, and your dog will love a change of scenery and new smells. Here are some tips to make it enjoyable … Continue reading

Doggyloot Dogs with a Cause - Dogumantry

Top 10 dogs with a cause to follow on social media

Facebook and Instagram are great for staying in touch with friends and family, but you can also stay in touch with special dogs and follow their stories. Here are 10 social media celebrity dogs you should follow. Each has a unique story and supports a great cause. Be sure to follow them all! 1. TunaMeltsMyHeart This special dog is a four … Continue reading

jack russel puppies rolling in the grass

So, You Want to Get a Puppy?

Many women in their mid-20′s start feeling the maternal pull for a baby. A cute, little bundle of joy complete with ten fingers and toes, sweet smells (most of the time) and adorable little noises. I’m not really one of those girls. Instead, my maternal pull was for something a little fuzzier and with four paws. I was dying for a … Continue reading

Beauceron / Australian Shepherd Dog with Toy at the Park

How To Choose The Right Toys for Your Dog

If you’ve ever walked down the toy aisle in a pet store or typed “dog toys” into a search engine, you’ve probably been overwhelmed by how many choices there are. Today’s options go way beyond the old standards of tennis balls and flying discs and there are probably as many different types of dog toys as there are different breeds … Continue reading

dog looking at steaks

Summer BBQ Treats For Your Dog

You’re having a grand time at summer BBQs, eating tasty steaks, hot dogs and grilled chicken, but what about your dog? Something tells me that you’re not sharing your plate with your pooch. Or maybe you are – I’m definitely guilty of doing that! Hopefully you’re a better dog parent than I and you make sure that your dog gets his … Continue reading

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