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French bulldog puppy at home


Like the arrival of a newborn baby, bringing home a new furry member to the family can be an exciting yet overwhelming time for all pet owners. The following is a general guide to what veterinarians will recommend and perform for your little puppy, based on their age. Please note that every veterinary hospital has its own puppy protocol and … Continue reading

Argus Tater Tot

Friday Fun: Argus Wants a Tater Tot

Ever feel like that thing you want is just out of your reach?  Argus can relate.


How to Choose a Pet-Sitter

In case you haven’t noticed… The holidays are quickly approaching! Very soon, it will be time for feasting, celebrating and visiting with friends and loved ones. If you’ll be bringing your pooch along for all the fun, that’s super, but sometimes, for whatever reason, Fido just can’t come along. In that case, what should you do? Ask the neighbor’s kid … Continue reading


Why Not to Leave Your Dog in the Car in Cold Weather

Most people know that it is dangerous to leave your dog in the car in hot weather, but leaving him in the car in cold weather is a little ambiguous. Leaving your dog in the car in cold weather may not be as risky as leaving him in warmer weather, but it can still be dangerous.  Here are some reasons … Continue reading


Gabe to the Rescue – An American Hero

In 2005, Animal Control in Houston, TX picked up a stray yellow lab. Lost and alone, he found himself one of many other homeless animals in the city pound. His story could have ended there – but it didn’t. He was rescued by the Southeast Texas Labrador Retriever Rescue. From there, he was recruited by the Army and taken to … Continue reading

sleepy puppy

Friday Fun: One Sleepy Puppy

Looking forward to sleeping in this weekend?  This drowsy Pitbull puppy is one step ahead of you!


Proper Introductions: Bringing a New Foster into Your Pack

I started fostering dogs for several rescue organizations in my area over a year  ago.  I got sucked in through several cute pictures and sad back stories on social media and then even more so after my first foster got adopted. One of the biggest issues I hear from other fosters is regarding the initial panic that happens when you bring that … Continue reading

dogs looking out window

5 Fun Ways to Exercise Your Dog Indoors

With the arrival of fall comes shorter days, longer nights, and unpredictable weather. But, just like us, our dogs need to get their daily exercise. When going outside just isn’t possible, there are fun games you can play and exercise you can do with your dog inside. Run the stairs (or hallway) If you’re lucky enough to have stairs at … Continue reading

hawaiian pizza

Recipe: Hawaiian Pizza Treats

Want to treat your pup to a wheat- and gluten-free Hawaiian pizza?  Here’s how! You’ll Need Large BowlBaking SheetParchment paper or a silicone baking mat Cookie Cutter Ingredients 1/2 cup chopped Ham, cooked1/4 cup shredded Mozzarella Cheese1 (20 ounce can) crushed Pineapple in water, drained1 (6 ounce can) Tomato Paste*1/2 tablespoon dried Parsley2 1/4 cup Brown Rice Flour Directions 1. … Continue reading

dog holding carrot in mouth

Fruits and Veggies for Your Dog

It’s a lot easier than trying to convince your kids to eat ‘em! As dog parents, we all know we shouldn’t be feeding our dogs “human” food, especially from the table. It can cause misbehavior, aggressive begging, and unhealthy weight gain. But – we’re only human! The good news is, many of our fruits and veggies can add a boost … Continue reading

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