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Dog Portrait Tips from the Doggyloot Photographer

Everybody loves puppy pictures, and as the staff photographer at I especially love them. Today I’m going to give a few tips on how to capture a great photograph of your canine companion. Get Low When photographing a dog, I am always on one knee or lower. More often than not I’m actually lying on the ground propped-up on … Continue reading

pomeranian butt sniff

Why Dogs Fart

Farts. They stink, they sound funny, and they’re just a part of life. Everyone does it–including your dog. But some may wonder, “Why?” Why does your dog fart? The reasons may be easier to understand than you think. Diet Just like in humans, some diets may lead to more flatulence than others. For example, foods high in carbohydrates can cause … Continue reading


2014 American Humane Association Hero Dog Awards

If you’re a dog owner, you know that even just being there to greet you at the end of a long day is all it takes for your best (four-legged) friend to qualify as a hero.  But sometimes, dogs take it a few steps further. What are Hero Dogs? Every year, the American Humane Association Hero Dog Awards honors a handful … Continue reading

rope toy

How To Make A Dog Toy From Old T-Shirts

Toys and play are important facets of a happy and healthy life for your dog, but let’s face it: dog toys can be expensive and it can be more than a little painful to watch that pricey toy ripped to shreds in ten seconds, flat, by your overzealous dog.   Of course, each dog is different, but if you’ve been cursed blessed with a … Continue reading

sleeping mastiff

Why does my dog snore?

Ever wake up the sound of snoring, but it’s not from you or your significant other? You may just have a snoring dog on your hands. Dogs snore for a variety of reasons, from medical to anatomical. Here are a few that might surprise you. Allergies It’s hard to breath with a stuffy nose. Just like people, dogs are susceptible … Continue reading

dog hard hat

Home Remodeling Tips for You and Your Dog

It seemed like a great idea at the time: My husband and I decided to get the windows in our house replaced. The company had a great track record and was known for their professional and fast service. When I say fast, I mean super speedy–all 20 windows done in less than two days from start to finish. The project … Continue reading

dog social media

Using Your Dog and Social Media for a Cause

Our pup, Quincy Bean is spoiled beyond comparison. Our living room is littered with toys, her grain-free “holistic” food is acquired from a boutique, when we leave for a weekend she stays at a Pet Hotel. Not too shabby! I have, however, been aware of the vast need to aid animals that are much less fortunate than our own. As … Continue reading

sick dog

When & How to Induce Vomiting in your Dog

There’s nothing worse for a dog parent than thinking your dog is in danger, like when you suspect that they swallowed poison. Obviously, you should seek emergency veterinary care, but is there anything you can do more immediately? Yes there is! I’ve had the unfortunate experience of going through a poisoning with my dog and found an unlikely ally in … Continue reading

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How to tell if you’re ready to adopt a dog

Shelters and rescues are overwhelmed with animals who were abandoned or surrendered by their owners. Dogs are generally given up on at two points in their lives by their human adopters: during puppyhood from ages 18 months to three years; and during their senior years. Those two life stages happen to be the most difficult for dog parents to handle, … Continue reading

bulldog puppy getting paw bandage at vet

Pet insurance for your dog – Top 3 things to know

The following guest post was written by Francois de Lame, Co-Founder at Policy Genius, a pet insurance comparison site.  If you’re a dog owner, you’ve probably worried about costly vet bills (or already faced them). According to the American Pet Products Association, US pet owners spent more than $14 billion on veterinary care in 2013. That trend is likely to … Continue reading

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