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Beware of Dog Jerky Made in China

By now, most people who love a dog know about the jerky warnings from the FDA. To bring everyone up to speed, jerky treats from China have been making thousands of dogs and cats sick and have killed almost 600 dogs. Disgraceful. And apparently, still a mystery as to the cause. I just can’t imagine the heartache these dog owners … Continue reading

Dogs at Christmas

Lists to Help Keep Your Dogs Healthy During The Holidays

Can you believe it? It’s already mid-December. The kids have been in school for several months and we know how the football season will end. We are all hustling and bustling around preparing for the season’s festivities. Shopping, cooking, baking, candy-making, wrapping, and at least 500 other equally important activities. Slow down. Take a few minutes to remember your dogs … Continue reading


Treating your pets to treats: Dos and Don’ts [Infographic]

Here’s a helpful treat-related infographic. You’ll find ingredients to avoid, what’s good and healthy, and what percentage of your pet’s diet should be treats. No surprises–it’s a low number. Feel free to share other suggestions or your pup’s favorite healthy treat in the comments. Via eBay Classifieds


Recipe: Cooper’s homemade vegetable treats

Cooper, an original founding member of doggyloot, absolutely loves frolicking around in the vegetable garden at the doggyloot offices. You can sometimes sneak a peek at him sniffing the basil or rolling around near the carrot plants. The doggyloot team cares about the health of your pup, which is why we did research on our path to the perfect doggyloot … Continue reading

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