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jack russel puppies rolling in the grass

So, You Want to Get a Puppy?

Many women in their mid-20′s start feeling the maternal pull for a baby. A cute, little bundle of joy complete with ten fingers and toes, sweet smells (most of the time) and adorable little noises. I’m not really one of those girls. Instead, my maternal pull was for something a little fuzzier and with four paws. I was dying for a … Continue reading


Beware of Dog Jerky Made in China

By now, most people who love a dog know about the jerky warnings from the FDA. To bring everyone up to speed, jerky treats from China have been making thousands of dogs and cats sick and have killed almost 600 dogs. Disgraceful. And apparently, still a mystery as to the cause. I just can’t imagine the heartache these dog owners … Continue reading


How to Find the Right Pet Food Store

I am very dedicated to my dogs, Scout and Zoe. I try to do right by them and get them the best of care for their allergies, regular vet visits and any injuries that occur. I also am extremely diligent with regard to their diets. Since both dogs have allergies, I am vigilant about reading labels and spending inordinate amounts … Continue reading


What You Need To Know About Ticks and Lyme Disease

It’s that time of year again. When you and your furry friend go outside to enjoy the fall colors, be sure and check everyone….canine and human….for ticks. These creepy little, slow-feeding critters can carry vector-borne diseases including lyme disease. Lyme disease is transmitted by the deer tick and the western black-legged tick to both humans and canines. Ticks bite their … Continue reading


Meet Our New Rescue Dog Beau

Hmmm, where to begin. What started as a short-term rescue to help the group I work with, has now become one more poodle to join the Mullins home. We brought Beau into the house as a short-term rescue. Needless to say I am a complete failure at fostering. BoBo is now Beau. He has gained 3 lbs and is the … Continue reading


Toxic at Home: How to Protect Your Dog From Dangerous Items

We all know that dogs are curious. And most of us know the really dangerous items in our homes that cause severe reactions when ingested. You know, prescription medications, drain cleaner, bleach, windshield fluid, antifreeze, battery acid, any poison, kerosene, etc. The list is not endless but it is extensive. If you or your child shouldn’t have it, chances are … Continue reading


5 Tips For Keeping Your Dog Busy This Winter

I’m one of those people that just doesn’t do well in the winter. Between the cold and lack of sunlight, I’d love nothing more than to curl up and sleep until spring. If you’re like me and there’s a dog in the picture, it’s too easy to skip the cold and exercise and turn into couch potatoes. Luckily, there are … Continue reading


Going Humane – New Business Models As Pet Stores Opt to Adopt

What a difference a year makes. Just last year, Greg Gordon from Naperville, Illinois’ Dog Patch Pet and Feed made the move to go humane. As the owner of a pet store, that meant that he would stop selling puppies and start adopting out rescue pets instead. In that year since, you could say that Gordon and his store has … Continue reading

puppies vs. babies

When two cute things collide: Puppies vs. Babies TV show [VIDEO]

Sometimes an idea for a TV show comes along and you wonder “Why hadn’t they thought of this earlier?” Enter a new show from Animal Planet: Puppies vs. Babies. They put two videos against one another in “the ultimate clash of cute.” In a bracket-style tournament, judges and viewers determine which viral video is the cutest. They’re all here! The … Continue reading

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